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Ali | 毛亞利

Ali was born in Hong Kong, studied in the UK since the age of 11 and graduated from London Middlesex University as an interior designer. 


Since childhood, Ali was addicted to children’s art programs on TV and idolizes artist presenters who were able to talk nonstop and made wonderful art pieces at the same time. He drank red wine for the first time at 14 and caused him temporarily lost his eyesight for 20 minutes, his first kiss was forcefully stolen by a French lady in the street of Paris on a New year’s eve. Ali always watch a James Bond movie during Christmas holidays, strongly believe the existence of Loch Ness monsters, love to quietly observe eccentrics as well as listening to truthful confession of people indifferent. All the bits and pieces of the artist’s adolescence constituted a strangely off beat, and yet colourful pallet of his growing up, that shines through out his creative career, Ali’s art has been evolving, from illustrative graphic novels of long distance love story from the outer space, to major art pieces telling stories of a coffee house on the moon.


Ali’s illustration has been published in “Inklink comic magazine”, “Speakeasy” comic monthly in the UK, “City magazine”, “Magpaper” and “Color” magazine in Hong Kong. Ali had his first solo exhibition in 2009, and launched his first graphic novel “Let’s go Somewhere Beautiful” in 2012. “All I want is you” is his second graphic novel published in the Summer 2013. 

Selected Exhibitions  |  重要展覽

2018       《Life is Art Festival》Group Exhibition                     

2017       《We might kiss when are alone》Solo Exhibition

2014       《All I want is you 100 Love Letters》Solo Exhibition

              《All I want is you 100 Love Letters》@ Taipei International Book Exhibition

2013       《All I want is you》- Original Artwork Exhibition

                Hong Kong Book Fair - Artist Art Jam

                Hong Kong Book Fair  - Artist Sharing session

                Hong Kong Animation, Comics & Games Expo - Art Jamming Session

2012        Hong Kong Book Fair – Art Jamming workshop

2009      I don’t know what I want, I only know what I don’t want 》 Solo Exhibition

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