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Jim Chan

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jim specializes in toy design and multimedia art. He is engaged in art toy creation, painting, and graphic design. 
In 2015, he created the character Chunk. The character was featured in illustrations and developed into vinyl toys in 2016. The multidisciplinary art of Jim is integrated with trends, culture and lifestyle. Jim Chan had collaborated with hyped brands, namely Salomon, HUF, #FR2, etc in different campaigns. 
In 2021, Jim (Jim Dreams) was awarded The Best Toy Designer Award at TOYSOUL Asia 2021. 
In recent years, Jim focused on developing his art in means of paintings. His art aims to visualize the idea of leisure lifestyle, and brings the aesthetic of a laidback lifestyle to his viewers.


Jim Chan 生於香港,現為玩具設計師及多媒體藝術家,從事藝術玩具創作、繪畫、平面設計,涉足多個範疇。2015年,創作了角色 Chunk,發展初期以插畫為主,2016年起與搪膠玩具結合,作品推出後在亞洲各地廣受歡迎。Jim Chan 的作品與潮流文化、生活品味緊密結合,因此常與不同潮流品牌如 Salomon、HUF、#FR2 等合作。2021年,Jim Chan (Jim Dreams)獲得《TOYSOUL亞洲玩具展2021》最佳玩具設計師獎。近年 Jim Chan 集中發展繪畫創作,以簡潔風格將休閑生活融入創作之中,希望讓大眾感受平靜的生活美學。

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