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Rainbo  | 彭怡

Base in Hong Kong. Start graffiti since 2006, One of the founders of Afterworkshop and China Graffiti Girls. A graffiti artist, ceramist, oil painter, sculptor, and graphic artist, she excels in character design and story writing and adores outdoor sports. When she was a young girl, she dreamt of traveling the world on a skateboard; the passion of her “Wanderlust” now fully channeled into her creative works.





Selected Exhibitions  |  重要展覽

2021         “Write 4 Fun” Afterworkshop Solo Exhibition, Streams, Hpng Kong  |  

               “字油 自在” Afterworkshop 首次個展, Streams, 香港

               “Dare To Be You, Dare To Dream” group exhibition, 13a New Street Art Gallery, Hpng Kong  |  

               “Dare To Be You, Dare To Dream”, 13a New Street Art Gallery, 香港

2019         “Art Macao”, Studio City, Macau  |  “Art Macao”, 新濠影匯, 澳門

2018         “Hong Kong Culture”, Streams, Hong Kong  |  “香港文化”, Streams, 香港

               “Affordable Art Fair”, Hong Kong“|  Affordable Art Fair”, 香港

2017         “Next stop, where would you like to go?” Xian New Art Centre, Xian  |  

               “人生地鐵實驗展”, 西安新藝術中心, 西安

               “June sky blue : vales in bloom”, Ceramic Solo Exhibition, Roomage 30, Macau  |  

               “六月·天青 – 山野裏的星辰” 陶瓷個展, Roomage 30, 澳門

2016         “June sky blue : vales in bloom”, Ceramic Solo Exhibition, Kornhill Apartments, Hong Kong  |  

               “六月·天青 – 山野裏的星辰” 陶瓷個展, 康蘭居, 香港

               “A -Muse Embrace the art”, Xi’an New Art Center, Xi’an  |  

               “[嬉] 藝術互動展”, 西安新藝術中心, 西安

               Mischievous: showing a playful desire to cause trouble, Voxfire Gallery

               RareKind China | 30 Years of CFCCA exhibition, CFCCA, UK  |  

               RareKind China | 30 Years of CFCCA 聯展, CFCCA, 英國


2015         “Yo girls graffiti exhibition 2015″, Part-Of Gallery, Hong Kong  |  

               CGG女子塗鴉團隊聯展2015, Part-Of Gallery, 香港

               “Sky blue : vales in bloom” Ceramic Solo Exhibition, Wrong Gallery, Taiwan  |  

               “六月·天青 – 山野裏的星辰” 陶瓷個展, 靠邊走藝術空間, 台灣

               “Women’s Art Project”,New Gallery on Old Bailey, Hong Kong  |  

               “Women’s Art Project”,New Gallery on Old Bailey, 香港

2014         “Affordable Art Fair”, Singapore  |  

               “Affordable Art Fair”, 新加坡

               “Childhood – Rainbo’s Wonderland Solo Exhibition”, Shelter Lounge, Hong Kong  |  

               “童年 – Rainbo的異想世界” 個人展覽, Shelter Lounge, 香港

               “Affordable Art Fair”, Hong Kong  |  “Affordable Art Fair”, 香港

               “Hi21 Young Art Fair”, B36,UBP, Beijing  |  “Hi21 Young Art Fair”, UBP B36 藝術大樓, 北京

               “China Cute Ceramic Exhibition”, Galerie de Charbon, Hong Kong  |  

               “小陶氣 – Rainbo陶瓷作品展”, 炭藝間, 香港

2012         “Childhood – Rainbo’s Wonderland Solo Exhibition”, Part-Of Gallery, Hong Kong  |  

               “童年 – Rainbo的異想世界” 個人展覽, Part-Of Gallery, 香港

2011         “From Underground To Community”, LCX Art Gallery, Hong Kong  |  

               “從地下到社區塗鴉藝術展”, LCX Art Gallery, 香港

2010         “More than+ Pop Art Festival”, Sanlitun SOHO, Beijing  |  

               “More than+潮流文化季”展覽, 三里屯SOHO, 北京

               “Heavy Party Shanghai”, Source, Shanghai“  |  上海重機派對” 模型塗裝展, Source, 上海

               “Hip Hop Arena Graffiti Exhibition”, Y2 Square, Hong Kong  |  

               “Hip Hop Arena塗鴉展覽”, Y2青年廣場, 香港

               “The Dafen Mural Exhibition”, EXPO 2010 Shenzhen Pavilion, Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen  | 

               世博會深圳館分館項目“大芬國際壁畫展”, 大芬藝術館, 深圳

               “XinShengDai” Graffiti Exhibition, Foshan  |  新生代創意聯盟創意市集”塗鴉展覽, 佛山

 2009        “Bring Everything” Graffiti Exhibition, Nike 706, 798 Art Zone, Beijing  |  

               “全力以赴”塗鴉表演, Nike 706, 798藝術區, 北京

 2007        “Graffiti & Consumption”, HK & SZ Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism, Babu Art Gallery, Shenzhen                 “塗鴉與消費”深港雙城雙年展塗鴉展覽, Babu畫廊, 深圳

               “The First Graffiti Exhibition”, Must Be Contemporary Art Center, 798 Art Zone, Beijing  |  

               “北京塗鴉藝術周”展覽, 瑪斯德比藝術中心, 798藝術區, 北京

 2006        “My Favorite Moleskine” Asia Tour, LOG-ON, Hong Kong  |  

               “My Favorite Moleskine”亞洲巡迴展, LOG-ON, 香港

               “I. China’’ Model Painting Exhibition, adFunture Art Gallery, Shanghai  |  

               “I. China”模型塗裝展, adFunture畫廊, 上海

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