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William Tong  |  唐偉霖



William Tong is a local artist and illustrator. The love for nature and long for freedom help him develop his Temphouse series and Amazing Fish-Fusion series. Excel in drawing skill, the Temphouse series has successfully depicted the scenery of

Hong Kong. Coupled with the artist’s imagination, this series is native but self-expressive: intended creation becomes random fragments of life that receive a

great resonance from audience. Although a fishing lover, the desire to protect the ocean life has make William decide to pen to fish; thus it comes the environmental series Amazing Fish-Fusion, which successfully represents how ocean life being affected by environmental pollution through delicate and strong lines. Three pieces from this series received the Award of Excellence in the Greater China Award for Best Creative Illustration. In addition to 2-dimensional works, William has also transformed the meticulous technique and skills to his 3-dimensional works which are as stunning as his drawing. He is a multi-disciplinary artist and his works have been acquired by private local and overseas collectors.






Selected Exhibitions  |  重要展覽

2016       Telluric Visison @ Parkview HongKong Gallery


2014       Island @ Shelter Lounge  |  離島異象


2012       “Intention*Improvisation” joint exhibition @ Art One

              Amazing Fish - fusion Exhibition @ Hong Kong-San

              Francisco Ocean Film Festival's Opening


2011       Amazing Fish - Fusion @ Detour  |  異魚 - 融合


2011       Amazing Dream  |  時空夢遊

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