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Born in Hong Kong in 1975, Ghost Mountain Field obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London, major in Critical Study and Studio, and a Master of Fine Art in Painting and Sculpture, from City and Guilds of London Art School. in 2005. He currently works and lives in Taipei and Hong Kong. Ghost Mountain Field had participated in gallery and museum shows in Europe and Asia. Through a variety of artistic media, including painting, drawings, installation, photography and video, the practice of Ghost Mountain Field is primarily based on the idea of cultural identity, exploring within the different aspects that tie to his interest and experience in the contrast between Western influence and his Asian cultural heritage. Ghost Mountain Field was raised in the late colonial era of Hong Kong when it was the golden era of subcultures as evidenced in movies, pop music and graphic designs, etc. The city was filled with imagery that was heavily influenced by the West and Japan, this influx of foreign culture signified the lack of cultural identity for the generation. While the artist grew up with these popular cultures, it wasn't until he moved abroad to UK and lived through a completely different cultural context, that a sense of his own traditional heritage started to grow into his awareness. His mural work and illustration work can be found in public spaces and magazines throughout Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dublin and Vancouver. Among the clients are award winning restaurant Mott 32 and fashion label Blanc de Chine.


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