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Qingzhao | 趙清



She was born in Henan province and now lives in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi . she graduated from the Animation institute of the Communication University Of China and used to be the creative director of 4A advertising company; owner and managing director of Dearqqzhao. lp advertising studio. For now, she is a full-time artist and works in multi-fields: illustration, photography, ceramics and design⋯⋯


河南出⽣生,現居景德鎮,畢業於中國傳媒⼤大學動畫學院。曾任4A廣告公司創意 總監/dearqqzhao.lp 廣告⼯工作室主理理人。 現為全職藝術家,作品涉獵插畫,攝影,陶瓷,設計等。 


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