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Ayip |  鄭健業



Ayip enjoys creating his work with ink pens. His works often showcase the use of numerous lines and linear patters that are fine and detailed yet at the same time enchantingly elusive. He shares his view of self, others and the surrounding through this signature and iconic drawing style using fine lines travelling freely throughout the parchment combined with unique portrait sketches.





Selected Exhibitions  |  重要展覽


2021            <Normally Abnormal>聯展 in K11MUSE             

                  <Affordable Art Fair2021>

2019            <Drawmovie >exhibition in TaiKoo Kubrick

2014            <> personal exhibition in Fifth Salon             

                  <> personal exhibition in Shelter Lounge

2012            <男人的浪漫>exhibition in Studio Espresso             

                  <Childhood Memories> exhibition by Heep Hong Society (協康會)     

2011            <Line REC Life>personal  exhibition in LCX             

                  <Mido Show 2011>illustration project in Milan

2011            <Distict with You and me> exhibition in Festival Walk

2009           <Food> personal exhibition in Regal Riverside Hotel

2009           <Bridge – Show Off 2009>exhibition in Taikoo Place             

                  <I am FSC>exhibition in Kubrick>

2008            Personal exhibition in LA cafe             

                   Personal exhibition in DY club cafe

2007            illustration exhibition of HK international Printing and Packaging Expo 2007 in                    AsiaWorld-Expo

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